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Here you will find tips, tricks, recipes and pictures of grazing tables, boards and platters. Hosting a function or having a dinner party but don't want to slave over a stove for the whole night? Check out this section to get some inspiration on simple ways to feed a crowd. 

Simple Nibbles

Grazing Tables

Who here loves hosting a party but hates cleaning platter after platter and bowl after bowl in between sipping your cocktail ? Ahhh, everyone I'd say! 

My go to for any party, large function or event is of course... a Grazing Table. 

The Grazing Table craze is very much "in" and is a trend that I believe will be around for a while. Why you may ask? because not only is it beautiful to the eye (which we all eat with our eyes before lifting a crumb), it feeds loads of people and is quite cost and time effective.

Food is pretty much it's own culture now. People speak the language of food more and more and from what I have noticed from past events i have catered for, no matter where you are from or what your beliefs are, food will always bring you to common ground. 

Grazing table tips & tricks