About me.

What makes my blog cooler than other blogs? ...

I started this blog as an outlet of my thoughts and obsession of food. I have always had a passion for food, and creating something simple from simply nothing.

Growing up in a single parent household was trying for my mum. Budgeting was key for our family and she made sure my sister and I had everything we could afford. She is a great cook. Her roast chicken with crunchy roast potatoes, kumara, pumpkin and broccoli cheese is the best, but above all, her crumbed pork chops are the bomb and definitely a childhood favorite still to this day. 

As a well fed child I was always inspired to try something new. I would open our pantry, and think to myself... what can I make from these basic ingredients? better yet, how can I feed a family with these ingredients by utilizing everything to its fullest? This is the root of my passion and all that I am about.

If your a mother seeking inspiration for your dinner table? A poor student sick of eating 2 minute noodles and Big Ben Pies? Or you just want straight up honest recipes that wow your guests but are dead easy? .. then watch this space. 

I am a believer in letting your senses guide your cooking, therefore some of my recipes will ask you to use your senses rather than measuring this and weighing that. - Trust your senses. They won't let you down.

Read on and i'll show you into my kitchen and all that is simply jodi.