3 ingredient Flat Bread

A versatile bread recipe!

This flat bread recipe is so good if your stretched for time. The recipes says it makes 6 but you can adjust that how ever you like. You could make 2 big pizza bases, 4 large flat tortilla, 6 Naan bread or even 12 mini flour tortilla. 

Keeping in mind the dough once cooked, is more of a bread texture so it does tare easily and isn't as stretchy as typical tortilla or pizza dough. - still makes a perfect alternative! 

By the way.. it freezes well, so you can make a batch and freeze to use at a later date.. winning.

3 ingredient Flat bread

Makes 6 

2C self raising flour
1 1/2C plain yoghurt - gopala is my pick
Decent drizzle of oil

Garlic butter for brushing

Mix all ingredients together to form a dough.
If the dough is wet add a little more self raising flour.
Allow dough to sit covered on the bench for an hour. 
Seperate into 6 balls.
Roll out dough to whatever shape you like. 
Heat a pan with a little oil.
Shallow fry each flat bread until golden, around 5mins on each side.
once cooked, remove from the oven, brush with garlic butter.


Note: Gopala yoghurt is my favourite to use for cooking curries, baking cakes, breads and this particular recipe. 
- It's also very affordable rather than traditional greek yoghurt.