Mum's Sticky Chicken Nibbles

Mmmmmm....... baby!

Okay, so this is a recipe that I hold dear to my heart. Not only because they are chicken nibbles which I am very partial to but, because my beautiful mother has been making this recipe for centuries. Family BBQs.. these are on the table. School events..... these were my 'bring a plate'. Christmas Day breakfast...... you betcha! we ate em. 

From memory preparing and marinating these nibbles was always a fine art. It is an over night process but I promise that it is all worth it. These days you just squirt pre made marinades like the classic "honey soy" from a packet onto your chicken - cook them and Bobs your uncle!.... Well... unfortunately,  sorry Uncle Bob but your nibbles suck!

Yes, I get it. We live in a life of convenience. Well... this marinade is made up of 5 basic household ingredients that are totally cheap and accessible. I promise.. you wont turn back. They can be as sweet, as salty or as garlicky as you like.. you just adjust the measurements. 

If this isn't proof of how good they are then I don't know what is.. My flatmate would be the first to tell you that I am not one to eat hot food - cold. To the point where it stresses me out that she can plate up last nights Mac n Cheese straight from the fridge without heating and thinks it tastes amazing...  These delicious chickeny morsels are the exception to that rule. I could eat these cold the next day, one after the other and almost enjoy them more than hot without a doubt.

This basic marinade might be well known out there in the world but to me it will always be my mum's sticky chicken nibbles. - On that note, Don't tell her I'm posting her recipe... she will flip!

Mum's Sticky Chicken Nibbles

This recipe is written exactly how mum describes it - So there are no measurements.. That's when you know it's an ancient recipe. This is my type of cooking because you can control the flavours and change it up next time. 


  • 1 kg chicken nibbles - Turks Chicken Nibbles are the best!
  • dark soy
  • canola oil
  • tomato sauce
  • garlic
  • honey or brown sugar 
  • salt & pep


In a marinating dish or container, combine soy sauce, a touch of tomato sauce, roughly chopped garlic, a touch of oil, a tsp honey and pepper and salt. 

Mix until combined.

Add chicken nibbles to the marinade, put the lid on and shake the container so the nibbles get covered in marinade, cover and keep in the fridge over night or for 5-6 hours.

Heat a little oil in a roasting dish and place the nibbles in to bake on 180 C until golden, turning nibbles 1/2 way through cooking.

Once cooked, Serve.

Feeds 4-5 people or just one person.... me...... by myself.... alone.... with a bib.

Side Note: When buying chicken I suggest buying Turks . Their chicken is all Corn fed Free range goodness, born and bred in our beautiful back yard, NZ. Sounds expensive but Turks sell at a reasonable price. My go to is the 1kg bag Turks Chicken Nibbles, a bag retails at $7.50 which is cheap for 1 kgI find with free range chicken you get 100% chicken and not the added water or fillers which means that they soak up the marinades so well and hold their juiciness - highly recommend.


Jods x