Homemade Chilli oil

Chilli oil is one of the best oils you could possibly have in your pantry. I put this recipe on EVERYTHING! Pizza, Pasta, Stir fry, Dumplings even my eggs in the morning. I am Addicted. 

You can alter this recipe's quantity. I have made an 850ml jar and it will keep perfectly fine in my pantry for 6-9 months, if it lasts that long that is.. 

This is a basic chilli oil recipe but you could mix it up and add asian flavours like star anise, cinnamon quill and szechuan peppercorns. Completely changes the dynamic of the oil and gives you that classic asian hit when paired with dumplings. mmmmm yes! I am hungry just thinking about it.

$ Cost wise: Cheap. This is cheaper than chips. Canola Oil is inexpensive and so are the dried chilli. I picked up a 850ml jar from Kmart for $3.00. 

Homemade Chilli Oil


  • 850ml Canola or vegetable oil
  • 4 Tbsp crushed dried chilli flakes
  • 3-4 whole dried chilli

1 medium pot

1 850ml jar   Kmart jars are perfect for this and are so cheap!

Measure the oil by pouring into the jar and then pouring in to a medium pot.

Bring oil up to heat, you will see this when the oil starts to ripple. Don't let it boil.

While the oil is heating, into your jar goes the dried crushed chilli, and whole chilli. - If you were to make the asian version of this you would add all the other spices at this point. 

Once the oil is heated slowly pour over the chilli. This will activate the heat and spice of the chilli and create a beautiful subtle oil. You will notice the colour change of the oil over night from a light orange to a burnt, deep orange. 

Leave until fully cooled, close the lid and leave in your pantry for use. 

Tweeks: Like it hot? Add extra crushed chilli flakes. Also, the ones I pick up from the asian supermarket have a beautiful bright orange and red colour. 

Enjoy !

Jods x