Prawn Rice paper Rolls

Delicious and Healthy

Rice paper rolls are one of my favourites. I make these probably once or twice a week but usually change it up and swap out the prawns for chicken, come summer time I pack them with Avocado because 1 Avo is a healthy fat that is good for your body and diet and 2 because they are gold in vegetable form! 

When making this recipe you have so much freedom to mix it up and add the veggies you like. You could even add vermicelli noodles. If my recipe says shredded cabbage you could substitute for shredded ice berg lettuce or swap coriander for mint. This is a kid friendly recipe which gives them the chance to play with their food and get to know different veggies.  

$Cost Wise: Cheap - The veg used are all inexpensive and accessible vegetables. Rice Papers range on around $2.00 for 20 sheets dependant on the size. Prawns can be pricey but you could keep them vegetarian or 1 x chicken breast would make 7-8 rolls. 

Prawn Rice paper rolls


  • 1 x carrot -shredded
  • 1/4 small cabbage - shredded
  • handful of baby spinach
  • sliced almonds or crushed peanuts
  • fresh coriander
  • 36 prawns - tails off
  • oil
  • seasoning
  • 5-6 rice paper sheets


Thinly shred carrot and cabbage.

Remove tails from the prawns, oil and season

In a pan fry off the prawns until cooked - set aside to cool completely.

Pour boiling water into a large flat dish.

Place a rice paper sheet into the water and allow to soften, avoid leaving the rice paper in the water for too long as this will make the paper tear when rolling.

Once soft, pull out of water and place on a clean bench.

Carefully layer the ingredients in the middle of the paper.

Fold in both sides and tightly roll upwards until the end is sealed.

Note: My go to dipping sauce is a mixture of sweet chilli and dark soy sauce - sweet but salty. delicious!

makes 5-6 rolls

Jods x