Couscous Stuffed Squid

Couscous Stuffed Squid

Squid is one of my favourite Seafood's and I think it gets misjudged. People have said to me, 'Why would you eat Bait?' . Well, fishermen of the Coromandel, I am going to prove you wrong! Now, obviously I'm not saying use your left over bait from Saturday mornings fishing trip.. buy some specifically from any fresh fish shop or supermarket. I was lucky enough to get mine from one of my favourite places in Auckland-  The Fish Market in Wynyard Quarter. - If you have never been i suggest you add it to your Auckland To do list! You will find all your fresh fish like Gurnard, Snapper, Lemon Fish, Flounder as well as Prawns the size of your head, live Crayfish, Crabs, Oysters and the odd sea creature that you never knew existed. They also stock a wide variety of Frozen seafood. I picked up 1kg bag of Squid Tubes which holds about 10 Tubes for $14.95 which i think is not a bad price for how many you get and how delicious they are when you cook them right. 

Above, Defrosted Squid Tubes.

I love Stuffing Squid with Couscous, its such a delicate mixture and you can jam pack it with flavors, spices and veggies. 

Couscous is probably one of the most easiest and versatile dishes to prepare. All you need to do is add water.-  Its as easy as that!. I start by placing about 1-2 Cups of couscous in a bowl, add a veggie stock cube and some pepper- (hold off on the salt as the stock cubes can already be quite salty and you can always adjust seasoning at the end). Pour in just enough boiling water so the couscous is covered. Cover with a lid and let stand in the meantime while prepping the other ingredients. 

In this recipe shown i fried off some Garlic, Onion, Red Capsicum, Prawns and Spinach. Adjusted the seasoning and added some chopped fresh herbs and Lemon zest to the party. Like any recipe, make it your own. I like the idea of stuffing seafood into seafood, hence the prawns but if you like Mushrooms or Broccoli or any other veggie then add it. Usually i love adding some toasted Spices like Cumin and Coriander but my spice rack is looking sad at the moment so opted for the fresh herbs today. The options are endless! 

Stuff Squid nice and full with the Couscous mixture. 

Using a tooth pick or Skewer close the openings so the mixture doesn't fall out when cooking. 

Season the Squid.

 Using a sharp knife score the squid just enough but not too much that you have created an opening. 

In a hot, oiled pan fry off the squid until gorgeous and browned. Place in a 120C oven to heat through - only about 10 mins. 

I like to serve the Squid on a Tomato Passata - which basically is pureed Tomato or Pasta sauce. I revamp the sauce by frying off some chopped garlic and onion in a pan with oil. At this stage you could add herbs and spices of your choice.. or in my case. Chillies! add the Tomato puree and cook down. - handy tip: when cooking with tomatoes, tomato puree, paste, sauce add some sugar to the mix as this breaks the tangy-ness of the tomatoes and rounds out the flavor. 

Serve the Squid on top of the sauce with steamed veg and enjoy! Such a delicious mid week meal if you are a seafood lover like myself. :)

Jods x